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    A userspace draft is a draft article in the user namespace (see Wikipedia:Namespace) intended to go into Wikipedia as a proper article in the future. You must create a user account to create your own userspace and be logged in to use it.


    Inclusion of images and other media:

    • As stated in the non-free content criteria, there are restrictions meaning that non-free content is only permitted in article namespace, i.e. not within userspace. Therefore, you may decide to add non-free content after copying your work to article namespace.

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    Create a userspace draft - if you're logged in

    Enter your article name below.
    Special:Mypage/ will be automatically prefixed - it's a code which knows where your userspace is.

    Note: after creation, you'll be pointed to Wikipedia:So you made a userspace draft, which has instructions on what to do next.

    Cleaning up after yourself:

    • As a courtesy, when you have a page in your userspace you no longer need, edit it to add  {{db-userreq}}  at the top. It will be deleted shortly.

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