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Example is an account created to be used in examples. This user page is often used as a link to an article, found in a lot of guidelines and other examples.

User:Place holder is a similar account used to represent anonymous users.


Userboxes are small boxes editors can place on their user pages to provide information about themselves that may be useful to other editors. The userboxes below remind editors of constructive behaviours. If you want to put these on your own user page, copy the code shown in the editable text of this page.

~~~~Example signs their posts and thinks you should too!
<ref>This user recognizes the importance of citing sources.


Free images uploaded to Wikimedia Commons or Wikipedia can be included in user pages as well as articles.

SMPTE Color Bars, a test pattern used in television production
Test pattern


Users can create subpages in their own userspace, for purposes such as drafting articles. Below is an example of a subpage:

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