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The Film Crew were a comedic team similar to Mystery Science Theater 3000, comprising former MST3K cast members Michael J. Nelson, Bill Corbett, and Kevin Murphy. They hosted Legend Films' colorized Three Stooges DVD release, packing in the four Stooge shorts that have fallen into the public domain: Disorder in the Court (1936), Malice in the Palace (1949), Sing a Song of Six Pants, and Brideless Groom (both 1947).

The Film Crew also maintained a website with humor columns and other content geared toward its fans.

On television[edit]

The Film Crew also occasionally hosted segments between movies on American Movie Classics, Sundance Channel, and the Starz/Encore cable channels in the United States.

In August 2005, during Encore's "Midnight Movies" schedule, The Film Crew provided introductions for the documentary on the subject Midnight Movies: From the Margin to the Mainstream and for the cult classics The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Reefer Madness, Night of the Living Dead, The Harder They Come, and Pink Flamingos.

On DVD[edit]


On October 19, 2006, it was announced that The Film Crew would be providing commentary tracks for a series of B-movies beginning in July 2007 through Shout! Factory. To promote their announcement, the Crew offered a poll on their website asking viewers to sample clips of each film and choose which they would prefer to see released first out of the four titles announced. test

The four titles, in order of votes received (and, as a result, their release order), are:


The Film Crew, stuck in the confines of a basement at work, lay down commentary tracks to every obscure movie dished to them by their boss, Bob Honcho. As part of their job, each of the three wears a matching 'working-class' uniform and an unwieldy headset while riffing on each film.


Each release contained a short 'Lunch Break' sketch.


The episodes were produced in 2005 in association with Rhino Entertainment, who were to distribute the episodes on DVD. However, Rhino was approached by Jim Mallon of Best Brains, who threatened to pull future releases of MST3K from Rhino's distribution unless they passed on the series (Mallon claiming that it was "too similar to MST3K" and that Rhino had to choose either MST3K or Film Crew).[citation needed] Rhino then ended their relationship with The Film Crew. It wasn't until 2007 that arrangements were made with Shout! Factory to release the material (requiring some "looping" of lines from the original scripts - specifically, "Bob Honcho" was originally named "Bob Rhino", and this had to be changed due to Rhino no longer being the distributor).

Releases were NTSC but have no region encoding. Each released episode contains at least one 'extra' ('Ode to Lunch' in Hollywood After Dark and 'Did You Know...' on Killers from Space).


During the delay when there was no distributor for the Film Crew DVDs, the sets were destroyed and the cast moved on to the similar project RiffTrax, complicating the issue of any possible future Film Crew episodes.[1] Kevin Murphy has indicated that "We haven’t gotten any new orders from Shout Factory - the new home of MST by the way - and since RiffTrax is becoming so much fun, I think you may have seen the last of the Film Crew."[2]

As of July 13th, 2008, The Film Crew's former website,, is no longer online. Shortly thereafter, Shout Factory put three Film Crew movies on; this was followed on April 5th, 2009, with all four movies being made available on YouTube.


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