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afch-rewrite running on enwiki

For multiple reasons, the Articles for creation helper script has been rewritten from the ground up. Although it's still in beta, we're excited to hear your thoughts, feedback, and suggested improvements. Over the past few months, we've been fine-tuning the script and are now in the process of a wider release.

The goal of the rewrite to create a sustainable infrastructure for reviewing article submissions that uses clear, high-quality code. Complete source code can be viewed on GitHub.

Running AFCH on enwiki[edit]

Add the following code to your common.js page to run the afch-rewrite beta:

importScript('User:Theopolisme/afch-rewrite.js') // [[User:Theopolisme/afch-rewrite.js]]

Then just click the "Review (AFCH)" link in the triangle dropdown on any AfC-applicable page.

Please provide feedback about your experience at WT:AFCHRW – thank you!


Updated documentation is available on the AFCH wiki.


Why are you rewriting the script?

The old Articles for creation helper script had become unmaintainable, due to spaghetti code written by numerous developers with varied skillsets over a long period of time. Additionally, the script suffered from severe feature bloat, features which slowed the script down but weren't used by many reviewers.

What's going to change?

The new script includes a number of changes which benefit reviewers, some of which are more obvious than others. Here are just a few:

  • an improved template parsing engine using Wikipedia's own parsing engine
  • a redesigned interface with bolder design that's easier on the eyes and simpler to use
  • "notify submitter" option not just for accept/decline, but also for comment and other actions
  • new features when accepting submissions like dynamic category addition, flexible WikiProjects, title blacklist checking, and more
  • a personal "frequently used" decline rationale section that learns from you as you use the script
  • many more not yet listed here (TODO: finish list)
Is the old script still going to be maintained?

Not in the long-term. Since we're a small team of volunteers (in fact, there is only one active code-writing developer), it's difficult to maintain even one script as complex as AFCH, let alone two! However, the old script will continue to be maintained until the transition to the new script has been completed, which won't be for several months.

I have a feature suggestion, bug report, another question, or just want to say hi.

Awesome: that's what Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Articles for creation/Helper script/Rewrite is for. :)

What are you working on right now?

I maintain a Trello board at [1] that lists current, planned, and completed tasks for the helper script. Feel free to comment there!


Currently, Theopolisme (github) is developing the rewrite script. If you're interested in contributing as well, see this page for more details.