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Below is a list of active Wikipedians whose usernames contain non-ASCII unicode characters.

Username Related account and unrelated, but similarly named accounts Typing aids
User:Fæ Formerly User:Ash; has doppelgänger account User:Fae Fæ (using HTML entity for æ)
User:Hrdinský redirect exists from unregistered User:Hrdinsky
User:Hroðulf redirect exists from unregistered User:Hrothulf
User:Jéské Couriano has doppelgänger account User:Jeske Couriano
User:Mikael Häggström has doppelgänger account User:Mikael Haggstrom
User:Vejvančický has doppelgänger account User:Vejvancicky
User:حسن علي البط
User:علی ویکی
User:とある白い猫 previously edited as User:White Cat
User:☂ alternate account of User:28bytes; unrelated User:Umbrella has a convenience link to it HTML entity ☂
User:Δ previously edited as User:Betacommand; unrelated User:Delta has a convenience link to it HTML entity Δ and template {{DELTA}}
User:Σ previously edited as User:43?9enter; User:Sigma is unrelated HTML entity Σ
User:ʔ former account of User:ASCIIn2Bme; SUL User:Glottal stop is unrelated HTML entity ʔ
User:⚔ alternate account of User:Reaper Eternal (user talk shortcut in unrelated User:Anomie's sig.) HTML entity ⚔
User:✄ alternate account of User:Stifle HTML entity ✄
User:ȹ alternate account of User:Toshio Yamaguchi; User:QP and User:Qp appear unrelated. HTML entity ȹ