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You now know the most important things for contributing to Wikipedia. Any comments or feedback on this tutorial? Feel like something wasn't explained well enough, or want to know about something that isn't here? Let us know by placing a comment on the tutorial's talk page. If you need any further help, the main help page is located at Help:Contents (a link is always available through the Interaction sidebar under Help). For additional learning materials, instructional videos, tutorials, and handouts, see the Wikimedia Bookshelf.

Is there anything else to learn?[edit]

This tutorial has been kept short and sweet, but you can always learn more. Now continue your learning through the links below.

Advice and general information...

Policy references ...

Editing references...

Creating new articles

  • When you're ready to create your own articles, consider using a Wizard to help you. See the Article wizard (shortcut: WP:WIZ).

Congratulations on making it to the end of the Wikipedia Tutorial. Happy editing!

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