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Shortcuts to talk pages

A list of abbreviated redirects to Wikipedia talk pages. For a list of general and process-related shortcuts see Wikipedia:Shortcuts (WP:WP). For a list of shortcuts to Community, Project, and Portal pages in the Wikipedia namespace see WP:WPR.

Note: This is an old list; some links have gone stale and may lead to obsolete talk pages.
Pagename Redirects
Wikipedia talk:Administrators' noticeboard WT:AN
Wikipedia talk:Articles for deletion WT:AFD
Wikipedia talk:Bots WT:B
Wikipedia talk:Collaborations of the week WT:COTW
Wikipedia talk:Did you know WT:DYK
Wikipedia talk:Esperanza WT:ESP
Wikipedia talk:Grapefruit WT:GF
Wikipedia talk:Images and media for deletion WT:IFD
Wikipedia talk:Manual of Style WT:MOS
Wikipedia talk:Manual of Style (disambiguation pages) WT:MOSDAB
Wikipedia talk:Line break handling WT:NOWRAP
Wikipedia talk:Notability (web) WT:WEB
Wikipedia talk:Proposed deletion WT:PROD
Wikipedia talk:Redirects for deletion WT:RFD
Wikipedia talk:Requested moves WT:RM
Wikipedia talk:Requests for adminship WT:RFA
Wikipedia talk:Sign your posts on talk pages WT:SIG
Wikipedia talk:Template substitution WT:SUBST
Wikipedia talk:Templates for deletion WT:TFD
Wikipedia talk:Three-revert rule WT:3RR
Wikipedia talk:Tip of the day WT:TOTD
Wikipedia talk:Village pump WT:VP
Wikipedia talk:Village pump (assistance) WT:VPA
Wikipedia talk:Village pump (miscellaneous) WT:VPM
Wikipedia talk:Village pump (news) WT:VPN
Wikipedia talk:Village pump (policy) WT:VPP
Wikipedia talk:Village pump (proposals) WT:VPR
Wikipedia talk:Village pump (technical) WT:VPT
Wikipedia talk:Votes for deletion WT:VFD
Wikipedia talk:Wikipedia Signpost WT:POST
Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Aircraft WT:AIR
Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Council WT:COUNCIL
Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Comics WT:COMIC, WT:COMICS
Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Disambiguation WT:WPDIS, WT:WPDAB
Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Drum Corps WT:WDC
Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Education in Canada WT:EiC
Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Ethiopia WT:ETHIOPIA
Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Law Enforcement WT:LE
Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Massively multiplayer online games WT:MMO, WT:MMOG
Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Manual of Style WT:MOSCO, WT:WPMoS
Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Radio WT:RADIO
Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Sheffield Wednesday WT:SWFC
Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Sports facilities WT:ARENAS, WT:STADIUMS
Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Succession Box Standardization WT:SBS
Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Tree of Life WT:TOL
Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Webcomics WT:WCX

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