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Featured pictures in Wikipedia

This page highlights images that the Wikipedia community finds beautiful, stunning, impressive, or informative. Featured pictures are the visual equivalent to featured articles and, as such, are even more subjective. There are currently 2878 featured pictures, and they are categorized by the topic they represent. All featured pictures are also available in a category.

If you wish to add a specific image to this page, please nominate it on Wikipedia:Featured picture candidates. Images listed here should be either in the public domain or covered by a free license.

One featured picture is chosen as the picture of the day. You can include this box anywhere (e.g., your user page) by adding the text {{pic of the day}} or {{POTD}} where you want the picture to be shown.

Featured pictures from all Wikimedia projects can be browsed by subject or by country on Wikimedia Commons.

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Podiceps cristatus 2 - Lake Dulverton.jpg Pachycephala olivacea - Melaleuca.jpg Diomedea exulans - SE Tasmania.jpg
» subpages: amphibians, arachnids, birds, cnidarians, crustaceans, fish, insects, mammals, molluscs, reptiles, others


Eugène Delacroix - La liberté guidant le peuple.jpg Eleven-faced Goddess of Mercy edit.jpg PeterOliver.jpeg
» subpages: East Asian art, literary illustrations, paintings, sculpture, others

Culture, entertainment, and lifestyle[edit]

Poster - Island of Lost Men 01.jpg Urgehal Metal Mean Festival 20 08 2011 10.jpg Rally Finland 2010 - shakedown - Nasser Al-Attiyah 1.jpg
» subpages: culture and lifestyle, entertainment, religion and mythology, sport, theatre

Diagrams, drawings, and maps[edit]

Diagram of the Federal Government and American Union edit.jpg Orlando-Ferguson-flat-earth-map edit.jpg Future ozone layer concentrations.gif
» subpages: diagrams, drawings, maps

Engineering and technology[edit]

Commodore-64-Computer-FL.jpg Semar Kris (alt) 3.jpg Ames Process pressure vessel lower.jpg
» subpages: electronics, machinery, weaponry, others; see also: vehicles

Food and drink[edit]

Maquereau fumé Luc Viatour edit.jpg Pistachio macro whitebackground NS.jpg Roasted coffee beans.jpg
» more ...


Stinkende Lederkoralle Thelephora palmata.jpg Cortinarius vanduzerensis 134617.jpg PanellusStipticusAug12 2009.jpg
» more ...


USSArizona PearlHarbor 2.jpg England Expects Signal.svg Bison skull pile edit.jpg


» subpages: American history, other history, WWI, WWII, other wars

Natural phenomena[edit]

Sunset 2007-1.jpg Crepuscular rays at Sunset near Waterberg Plateau edit.jpg 2011 flooding in Ayutthaya Province-EO-1 merged.jpg Oxfam East Africa - A mass grave for children in Dadaab.jpg
» subpages: atmospheric optics, weather, others


Indrawati, Sri Mulyani (IMF).jpg File:Hepburn-afternoon.jpg Jeff Dunham and Achmed.JPG
» subpages: entertainment, military, political, royalty, sport, traditional, others

Photographic techniques, terms, and equipment[edit]

Sony-Alpha-A700-Front.jpg Canon EOS 5D Mark II with 50mm 1.4 edit1.jpg Photomontage (Forggensee Panorama) -2.jpg
» more ...


Veliko Tarnovo - Varosha quarter.jpg Mount St Helens Summit Pano II.jpg Oratoire Saint-Joseph du Mont-Royal - Montreal.jpg
» subpages: architecture, interiors, landscapes, panorama, urban, others


Alstroemeria.jpg Heliopsis July 2011-2.jpg Leaf Tissue Structure.svg
» subpages: flowers, fruits, others


ThermiteReaction.jpg Missing square puzzle.svg Fighting impalas edit2.jpg
» subpages: astronomy, biology, geology, materials science, mathematics, others


Buzz salutes the U.S. Flag.jpg STS120LaunchHiRes-edit1.jpg
» subpages: getting there, looking back, looking out, understanding


BNSF GE Dash-9 C44-9W Kennewick - Wishram WA.jpg Patrouille de France Radom 3 1.JPG Frecce Tricolori RIAT 2011.JPG
» subpages: air, land, water

Other lifeforms[edit]

Staphylococcus aureus, 50,000x, USDA, ARS, EMU.jpg Flagellum base diagram-en.svg Gephyrocapsa oceanica color.jpg
» subpages: bacteria, protists


Nail-clippers-variety.jpg 1Mcolors.png
» more ...

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