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This is a concise quick-reference of the most commonly used edit summary abbreviations. For a detailed explanation of these legends, see: Wikipedia's Edit summary legend.
Term Abbreviated Description
add +, add, addition Addition of something
alphabetization alpha, abc Alphabetization of a list
capitalization cap, capital, cpt, lc, lcase, uc, ucase Fixing of capitalization
category +cat, -cat, cat, recat, re-cat Addition, subtraction or fixing of a category
cleanup cl, clean, tidy Many different kinds of small changes in a single edit.
comment cm, cmt, re Addition of comment or reply
copyedit cpyed, ced, c/e, ce Copy edit
creation creation, new Creation of a new article
disambiguation disambig, disamb, disam, dab, byp disambig Addition of disambiguation or removal of ambiguity
duplication dup, dupe Removal of duplication
external link EL, xl, ext lk, ext lks, ext lnk, ext lnks, ext link, ext links, URL, http Addition of external links
formatting fm, fmt, frmt, MoS, mos, MOS Formatting, per Manual of Style
short new text (full text) ft Addition of short new text, which is fully given in this edit summary
grammar gr, gm, grmr Fixing grammar
headers head, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 Fixing header markup or changing header wording
interwiki iwk, iw Addition of interwiki links (between Wikimedia projects)
links lk, lks, lnk, ln, wikilink, wl Addition of internal (Wikipedia) links
merge mrg, mrgd, merged in Article merge
miscellaneous misc Use only when a more specific and more useful edit summary is not practical.
move mv, mov Article move
null edit null, nx, ø Saving the page without changing anything, see Null edit.
punctuation punc, punct, pct Fixing punctuation
redirect rd, rdr, redir Article redirect. Specify what article it redirects to.
redirect fix snap dbl rdr, fix redir "Snapping" a double redirect: turning a double redirect into a single redirect.
references ref, refs Adding or fixing source citation.
remove/delete -, rm, rmv, del Removal of something
revert rv, rvt, rvrt Revert to a previous edit
talk see talk Explanation of edit on the article's Talk page
spelling sp, typo, typos Fixing of typos or incorrect spelling.
wikify wfy, wky, wkfy Formatting using wiki markup (as opposed to plain text or HTML) and add internal links to material, incorporating it into the whole of Wikipedia

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