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Wiki magic

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According to Ben Kovitz, Wiki Magic is "the mysterious process by which communities with common interests work to improve wiki pages by incremental contributions".[1] Wiki Magic has been described by Jimmy Wales as a phenomenon whereby an author may write the beginnings of an article at the end of the day, only to wake up in the morning and find the stub converted into a much more substantial article. Wales considered this as one of the reasons why Wikipedians were so willing to contribute to Wikipedia. According to Wales "Someone may write a three sentence [Wikipedia] article in the evening. And then somefhing wonderful happens. Because in the next morning it may have grown to a seven paragraph article. This creates enthusiasm and involvement in the community." [2]

Wiki magic can be considered an example of collective intelligence as it not only increases Wikipedia content volume, but also article quality. Noteworthy in this context are Good Samaritans (one- or few-time contributors to Wikipedia), as their collective contributions have the most significant impact on content quality.[3]


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