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This is a preview for the new MathML rendering mode (with SVG fallback), which is currently active on BETA Wikipedia.

If you would like to test the MathML rendering mode, please register an account here Special:UserLogin

  • Only registered users will be able to execute this rendering mode.
  • Note: you need not enter a email address (nor any pther private information). Please do not use a password that you use elsewhere.

Registered users will be able to choose between the following three rendering modes:

MathML (can not yet be used on the Wikimedia production cluster)

PNG (currently active in production)

source (currently disabled in production via configuration)

$ E=mc^{2} $

Follow this link to change your Math rendering settings.

Test pages[edit]

To test the MathML, PNG, and source rendering modes, please go to one of the following test pages:

Bug reporting[edit]

If you find any bugs, please report them at Bugzilla, or write an email to math_bugs (at) ckurs (dot) de .