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I made an edit here and it was very nice.

I decided to add a web citation right here:


Bold text will capture your attention!


Italic not so much (attention-wise).


It would be nice to have a category on this page.

Bullets and Numbering[edit]
  • Bullet
  1. Numbering

This statement[Jeff_references 1] really ought to cite a reference.

LaTeX / math[edit]

It's nice to add some LaTeX to this page as well.

Computer Code[edit]

It's kinda fun to stick some computer code in this page:

export BROWSER_LABEL=firefox

And here is some more computer code just for fun:

bundle exec cucumber features/computer_code.feature


I think I'll strikethrough some text as well.


And I'd like to underline something as well.

Subscript and Superscript[edit]

And what page would be complete without subscript and superscript?


It would also be nice to have an image on this page, such as the one below.

A nice picture.jpg


I think I would also like to place a transclusion[by whom?] on this page.

Reference List[edit]

I'm adding some media here:

Seattle city skyline

...and even more media!

San Francisco skyline

I just can't get enough media!