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Monobook-Suite working, using both monobook.js and monobook.css.

The Monobook-Suite (MS) is a group of tools developed by Axxgreazz from Spanish Wikipedia to provide a improved interface for the editing and maintenance of pages in the Wikimedia Foundation wikis. Additionally, it provides tools to combat vandalism, and tools for sending standard warnings to users.

Its design allows Monobook-Suite to be used in any Wikimedia project, in any language, and it is easily customizable, even for users with little or no programming knowledge.


Monobook design.

To use Monobook-Suite, it is necessary to register an account in any of the Wikimedia projects. Also, to use all of the tools explained in this page, it is necessary to use the Monobook skin (1) used by default in all of the Wikimedia projects. To determine the design you are using, go to your preferences page and go to the «Skin» tab (2).

Additionally, Monobook-Suite is compatible with the following web browsers:


1. Some monobook-suite modules also work in other skins like Cologneblue.
2. Because the Monobook-Suite's code is developed in javascript, your web browser will have to have javascript enabled. In almost all web browsers, this is enabled by default, but security settings may have it disabled. If it is disabled, you can't access the monobook functions.


@import "";
importScriptURI( '' );
  • The end! You have successfully installed Monobook-Suite!
You might be asking yourself Why am I importing this script from the Spanish Wiki?. It doesn't matter! The script is multilingual ;).


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