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Real life had caught on. I completed my 12th grade this year and had appeared in entrance exams to engineering and medical courses. My result wasn't satisfactory and I had decided to take a gap year in order to prepare myself for next year's entrance exams. Like a miracle, the cutoff scores were really low this time, and I got B.Tech. Computer Science and Engineering at a government college. My preparations weren't going as I had hoped it would, possibly implying that I'd perform worse next time around. We were the COVID batch, the next year's fresh candidates won't be, they'll likely outperform our batch. So, I got enrolled into college this year. In any case, I can't say I was satisfied, I was the class topper at what was one of Delhi's top schools, and had an excellent results up until COVID hit in 2020. I had huge expectations from myself but I took the last two years of school so lightly during all those online classes that I'm now at a college far below my expectations, and I hope to appear in entrance exams yet again the next year, no matter my preparation level. But it is hard to juggle the two together, and I can spend only so much time on here.

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