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    Multiple transclusion with one template[edit]

    Template:Table row template

    Multiple transclusion with many templates[edit]

    0 Gibara (28. Oktober 1885)


    Río Cacoyugüín
    10 Cantimplora (28. Oktober 1885)
    12 San Marcos de Auras (11. Februar 1888)
    22 Aguas Claras
    30 Holguín (4. April 1893)[1]


    multi-coordinate geopoints from one QID[edit]

    geopoints from Wikidata query[edit]

    Churches in Jerusalem

    simple map with marker[edit]

    <mapframe>: The JSON content is not valid GeoJSON+simplestyle. The first validation error is on the element "/0/query": "The property query is required".

    QID for geoshape[edit]

    Monaco outline

    sparql query for geoshapes[edit]

    Governors of US states with their party affiliation

    List of icons[edit]

    Maki Icons
    1. ^ Cesar Hidalgo, Félix Castell und Carlos Sánchez Vera: Breve e incompleta historia del transporte público en Holguín 22. Oktober 2016. Abgerufen am 20. Februar 2018.