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WikiProject Articles for creation (Rated Template-class)
WikiProject iconThis template is used for the administration of the Articles for Creation or Files for Upload processes and is therefore within the scope of WikiProject Articles for Creation. Please direct any queries to the discussion page.WikiProject icon
 Template  This template does not require a rating on the quality scale.
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Please place this template at the top of the talk page of an article created by WP:AFC. Set the parameters as follows.

For articles created through WP:AfC or WP:IfU[edit]


{{WikiProject Articles for creation|class = |ts = |reviewer = }}

The class parameter can be any one of the values shown below. Each value will categorize the talk page as follows:

Featured article FA Featured article FA  Category:FA-Class AFC articles
GA  GA  Category:GA-Class AFC articles
B-Class article B B-Class article B  Category:B-Class AFC articles
C-Class article C C-Class article C  Category:C-Class AFC articles
Start-Class article Start Start-Class article Start  Category:Start-Class AFC articles
Stub-Class article Stub Stub-Class article Stub  Category:Stub-Class AFC articles
Featured list FL Featured list FL  Category:FL-Class AFC articles
List  List  Category:List-Class AFC articles
Portal[1]  Portal  Category:Portal-Class AFC articles
Redirect page Redirect, Red, Redir Redirect page Redirect  Category:Redirect-Class AFC articles
Disambiguation page Disambig, Disamb, Dab Disambiguation page Disambig  Category:Disambig-Class AFC articles
Category page Category, Cat, Categ[1] Category page Category  Category:Category-Class AFC articles
Project  Project  Category:Project-Class AFC articles
Template, Temp, Templ[1]  Template  Category:Template-Class AFC articles
File, Image[1]  File  Category:File-Class AFC articles
NA[2]  NA  Category:NA-Class AFC articles
Anything else  ???  Category:Unassessed AFC articles
The timestamp when the submission was accepted. This parameter is automatically added by the AFC Helper script.
The person who have accepted the submissions. This parameter is automatically added by the AFC Helper script.


  1. ^ a b c d The class parameter may be omitted as the class will automatically be determined using namespace detection.
  2. ^ Not normally used - please try to select a more suitable class.

For pages used to administer WP:AfC or WP:IfU[edit]



There is no need to set the class parameter as it will be determined automatically using namespace detection.

File  File  Category:File-Class AfC project pages
Project  Project  Category:Project-Class AfC project pages
Category Category page Category  Category:Category-Class AfC project pages
Template  Template  Category:Template-Class AfC project pages
User 16px|link= User  Category:User-Class AfC project pages
Anything else  NA  Category:NA-Class AfC project pages