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This template contains a central list of Wikipedia functionaries, some or all of whom are listed on three different project pages: Wikipedia:Functionaries#Mailing list, Wikipedia:Oversight#Oversighters, and Wikipedia:CheckUser#Users with CheckUser permissions. Previously, these three (rather fiddly) lists had to be updated separately when a functionary joined or left the team. This template also prevents the page histories of these policy pages from being polluted by minor edits to reflect changes in group membership.

This template deliberately displays as empty when viewed here, at Template:Functionaries. To view the team members, view the relevant three links given above, or view this template in edit mode. To update the list of team members to reflect the arrival or departure of a functionary, edit this template, then update the applicable lists (|Wikipedia:Functionaries= and one or both of |Wikipedia:CheckUser= and |Wikipedia:Oversight=).

To use these lists on a different page from the three intended ones, simply type {{functionaries|group}}, replacing Template:Var with Template:Var, Template:Var, or Template:Var as required.