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This template is meant as a single template for marking the status of an Articles for creation submission.

Decline options[edit]

When declining an AFC submission, this template can take additional parameters to include a decline reason. All decline templates used under the old system (listed here) are included in this template. The idea is to streamline the decline process; instead of including three templates, now a reviewer need only add a single parameter to the template to include a decline reason.

To include the decline reason, use {{AFC submission|D|reason}}, replacing reason with one of the abbreviations listed at Template:AFC submission/comments. That page also shows the resulting messages. Some reasons may take an additional parameter ({{AFC submission|D|reason|Additional parameter}}). These parameters are optional, except the additional parameter for reason itself.

If no parameter is included after D, or an invalid parameter is entered, the invalid parameter will appear as the decline reason.


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