Severinus of Sanseverino and Victorinus of Camerino

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Saints Severinus of Sanseverino and Victorinus of Camerino
Died550 (Severinus); 543 (Victorinus)
Honored inRoman Catholic Church
FeastJune 8

Saints Severinus of Sanseverino (or of Septempeda) (d. 550 AD) and Victorinus of Camerino (d. 543 AD) were brothers who were both bishops and hermits of the 6th century.


Both had given away their great wealth to the poor and had become hermits at Monte Nero near Septempeda. They also became hermits in caves near Pioraco. Victorinus was prone to strong temptations, and he inflicted upon himself a difficult and painful penance: he had himself tied to a tree, with his hands crushed between two branches.[1] Victorinus’ particular method of self-mortification was depicted on a small panel in the church of San Venanzio, in Camerino, by the artist Niccolò da Foligno (called l'Alunno), who created the piece between 1478-80.[2]

However, Pope Vigilius appointed them both as bishops of two separate sees: Severinus became bishop of what was then called Septempeda, later called San Severino Marche after him, in the Marches of Ancona; Victorinus became bishop of Camerino. Their joint feast day is June 8.


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