Rondellus (ensemble)

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Rondellus is also an Estonian musical ensemble. After recording several albums of early music on period instruments they recorded Sabbatum: Medieval Tribute to Black Sabbath in the same style having translated the vocals to Latin.[1] ("War Pigs" = "Verres Militares"[2][3]) Instrumentation: vocals, hurdy-gurdy, organistrum, lute, percussion, fiddle, and harp.

Though the American Classical League claims, "Metal fans will undoubtedly appreciate Sabbatum,"[4] AllMusic claims, "Black Sabbath fans are unlikely to dig music as extremely mellow as this, though the album could serve as okay background music for yoga or a massage."[1]


  • Rondellus (1995)
  • Carmina Sanctorium (1998)
  • Sabbatum: Medieval Tribute to Black Sabbath (2003)


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