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The Egyptologists Nina (6 January 1881–21 April 1965) and Norman de Garis Davies (1865–5 November 1941)[1] were a married couple of illustrators and copyists who worked in the early and mid-twentieth century drawing and recording paintings in Egypt. Their work was often published together, as N. de Garis Davies, and so it is usually difficult to determine who drew which illustration.


Nina was born Anna Macpherson Cummings in Salonika, Greece, but returned to Scotland with the death of her father, Cecil. In 1907, she journeyed to Egypt and met Norman de Garis Davies, whom she married in Hampstead, London on 8 October 1907.[1]


Norman studied at Glasgow University, gaining a M.A. and B.D., and studied at Marburg University as a postgraduate. He was a Minister in the Congregational Church at Ashton-under-Lyne when he first visited Egypt in 1897. He worked there for Flinders Petrie at Dendera. He became head of the Egypt Exploration Fund’s Archaeological Survey, and later worked for the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Expedition in 1907.[1]

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