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This module simplifies the generation of edit links for infoboxes that are enabled to use the Wikidata bridge.

local p = {}

function p.getBridgeValue(frame)
	local propertyId = frame.args[1]
	local editflow = frame.args[2]

	local entityId = mw.wikibase.getEntityIdForCurrentPage()
	if entityId == nil then return end
	local statement = mw.wikibase.getBestStatements(entityId, propertyId)[1]
	if statement == nil then return end
	local value = mw.wikibase.renderSnak(statement['mainsnak'])
	return value..' '..p.makeBridgeLink({args = {propertyId, editflow}})

function p.makeBridgeLink(frame)
	local propertyID = frame.args[1]
	local editflow = frame.args[2]
	local description = "Edit this on Wikidata"
	local contentLanguage = mw.language.getContentLanguage()
	local query = "?uselang="..contentLanguage:getCode()
	local anchor = "#"..propertyID
	local linkhref = ""
	local dir = contentLanguage:getDir()
	return '<span data-bridge-edit-flow="'..editflow..'">[[File:OOjs UI icon edit-'..dir..'-progressive.svg|frameless|text-top|10px|alt='..description..'|link='..linkhref..'|'..description..']]</span>'

return p