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Marmaduke Constable

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Sir Marmaduke Constable, "the little" (c.1458 – 20 November 1518) was an English soldier descended from the Hereditary Constables of Chester, hence the surname of the family. He descended from Robert FitzJohn (son of John) or le Constable (-c.1216), Lord of Flamborough, who was the brother of Roger FitzJohn (aka Roger de Lacy).

Life and family[edit]

Marmaduke was the eldest son and heir of Sir Robert Constable (died 23 May 1488, Flamborough, Yorkshire) and his wife Agnes Wentworth (died 20 April 1498, Flamborough) who had married on 2 January 1458. He was in France with Edward IV in 1475 and with Henry VII in 1492, in spite of the fact that he fought for Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth. He was High Sheriff of Staffordshire and Yorkshire (1488 and 1493), was in high favour with Henry VII of England and Henry VIII, and led his kinsmen (including his four sons) and retainers to the Battle of Flodden Field in 1513. In Flamborough church one may still read a rhyming epitaph describing Constable's life and prowess.

He was twice married. Firstly to Margery FitzHugh, sister to Alice and Elizabeth FitzHugh. The marriage produced no issue.

He married secondly to Joyce Stafford and by her left several children when he died on 20 November 1518.[1]

Children of Constable and Joyce Stafford:

  • Sir Robert Constable (c.1478-1537), knighted at Blackheath, and executed for treason for taking part in the Pilgrimage of Grace.
  • Sir Marmaduke Constable (c.1480-1545), of Everingham, was knighted after the battle of Flodden, and was at the Field of the Cloth of Gold in 1520. He was a knight of the shire for Yorkshire and then for Warwickshire, and was a member of the Council of the North from 1537 until his death.
  • Eleanor Constable (c.1485-1527), married 1st John Ingleby of Ripley, Yorkshire and had a son William Ingleby[2]. She married second Sir Thomas Berkeley, 5th Baron Berkeley (1472-1533) and had 2 sons and 2 daughters. Their daughter Muriel Berkeley married Sir Robert Throckmorton.
  • Sir John Constable of Kinalton, knighted at Flodden
  • Sir William Constable of Hatfield, knighted at Flodden

Another noteworthy member of this family was Sir William Constable (died 1655) who was a signatory to the death warrant of Charles I of England.



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