Marlowe Brothers

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The Marlowe Brothers is the name under which the duo-pianists Jeffrey and Ronald Marlowe appeared.


Jeffrey Marlowe became a musician at the age of four in Philadelphia. His identical twin, Ronald, also began playing very young, and the two soon matched each other in ability. Their parents paid for piano lessons, and they came under the wing of Eleanor Sokoloff, a teacher at the Curtis Institute of Music, and then were mentored by Pierre Luboshutz and Genia Nemenoff.

The Marlowe Brothers began to perform together and became nationally acclaimed. By age 11, they debuted with the Philadelphia Orchestra. Their adolescent resume included being on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, The Garry Moore Show, The Steve Allen Show, The Milton Berle Show and The Gene London Show.

Their musical selections ranged from classical to pop music. Some of the Marlowe Brothers' performances included music of Brahms, Mozart and Poulenc as well as some of their own renditions of Beatles’ melodies.

After college, the Marlowe brothers continued to tour, revising and perfecting their gig as identical twin music prodigies. They went on to be the featured pianists of the New York Philharmonic (like their teachers), the Pittsburgh Symphony and the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. They played together professionally well into their 50s.

Both Ronald and Jeffrey Marlowe now give piano lessons to young performers in Maine and Pennsylvania respectively.[1]

Since 1985 Ronald has been married to soprano Deborah Cook.