Lordi 3: Verensininen

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Lordi 3: Verensininen was published on October 29, 2008 and is the third in the series of comic books released by Lordi.

Publication history[edit]

All the artwork in the comic book is by Petri Hiltunen, Sami Kivelä, Mattipekka Ratia and Jouko Nuora. Unlike the other Lordi comic books, Mr. Lordi did not do any of the artwork, except for the front cover. He was too busy designing and making the Deadache-era Lordi costumes to take part.

The word Verensininen translates to "Blue Blood", which is meant as a metaphor to describe dead/cold blood.

As well as featuring the current Lordi members, the ex-members Magnum, Kalma and Enary make a return to help the monster squad.