List of In Flames band members

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This is a comprehensive listing of the current and former members of In Flames, a heavy metal band formed in Göteborg, Sweden in 1990/1993.

In Flames Lineups
Demo '93
Lunar Strain
The Jester Race
Black-Ash Inheritance
The Tokyo Showdown
Reroute To Remain
Soundtrack to Your Escape
Used & Abused In Live We Trust
Come Clarity
Come Clarity - EP
A Sense of Purpose
Sounds of a Playground Fading

Former members[edit]

Name Instrument Membership Reason for departure
Jesper Strömblad rhythm guitar 1990–2010 Quit in order to focus on dealing with his addiction and personal problems.
Glenn Ljungström lead guitar 1993–1997 Quit to support family.[1]
Johan Larsson bass guitar 1993–1997 Undisclosed.

Session members[edit]

Name Instrument Album(s)
Mikael Stanne vocals Lunar Strain (1994)
Oscar Dronjak backing vocals Lunar Strain (1994), Subterranean (1994), The Jester Race (1995)
Jennica Johansson vocals Lunar Strain (1994)
Ylva Wåhlstedt violins, viola Lunar Strain (1994)
Carl Näslund guitar Lunar Strain (1994)
Robert Dahne vocals A Tribute to the Four Horsemen (Metallica tribute album) (2002), Subterranean (2007 reissue)
Henke Forss vocals Subterranean (1994)
Jocke Göthberg vocals Subterranean (2007 reissue)
Per Gyllenbäck vocals Subterranean (2007 reissue)
Anders Jivarp drums Subterranean (1994)
Daniel Erlandsson drums Subterranean (1994)
Fredrik Nordström keyboards, guitar The Jester Race (1995), Colony (1999), Clayman (2000)
Fredrik Johansson lead guitar The Jester Race (1995)
Ulrika Netterdahl vocals Whoracle (1997)
Charlie Storm keyboards, synthesiser Colony (1999), Clayman (2000)
Kee Marcello guitar Colony (1999)
Christopher Amott guitar Clayman (2000)
Örjan Örnkloo keyboards Reroute to Remain (2002), Soundtrack to Your Escape (2004), Come Clarity (2006) and A Sense of Purpose (2008)
Fiol-Olof violin Reroute to Remain (2002)
Uppsala Poker HC Crew vocals Come Clarity (2006)
Lisa Miskovsky vocals Come Clarity (2006)


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