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For the British band that existed from 1984-2001, see The House Band

A house band is a group of musicians, often centrally organized by a band leader, who regularly play an establishment. It is widely used to refer both to the bands who work on entertainment programs on television or radio, and to bands which are the regular performers at a nightclub, especially jazz and R&B clubs. The term can also refer to a group that plays sessions for a specific recording studio. House bands on television shows usually play only cover songs instead of originals and they play during times which commercials would be seen by the home viewing audience, therefore only those present in the studio during the show's taping see their full performances.

Some notable house bands include:

Associated with record labels and studios[edit]

Record labels have often employed a core group of musicians to serve as a house band or house orchestra, specifically for recording sessions. These groups can come to be regarded as an important component of a label's distinctive "sound". The groups may be named (or given many names), or they may not. Here is a list organized by record label:

Label/Studio Group Name(s) Individual Musicians
American Sound Studio The Memphis Boys, 827 Thomas Street Band Gene Chrisman, Tommy Cogbill, Bobby Emmons, Bobby Woods, Reggie Young
Hi Records Hi Rhythm Section Howard Grimes, Charles Hodges, Leroy Hodges, Mabon "Teenie" Hodges, Al Jackson, Jr., Wayne Jackson, Andrew Love
Motown The Funk Brothers
Philadelphia International Records [1] Ronnie Baker, Roland Chambers,[2] Norman Harris, Vince Montana, Earl Young
Sigma Sound Studios MFSB
Stax Records The Big Six, Booker T. & the M.G.'s Gilbert Caple, Steve Cropper, Donald "Duck" Dunn, Al Jackson, Jr., Wayne Jackson, Booker T. Jones, Curtis Green, Isaac Hayes, Andrew Love, Floyd Newman, Gene "Bowlegs" Mille, David Porter, Lewie Steinberg
Victor The Great White Way Orchestra,[3] Hugo Frey's Orchestra,[3] The Manhattan Merrymakers,[3] Metropolitan Orchestra,[4][5] The Serenaders,[3] The Troubadours,[3] Victor Military Band,[6][7] The Victor Orchestra,[8] The Virginians[3] Frank Kelly,[4] S. H. Kendle[4]

Note: Individuals listed may not have performed in some or any of the groups listed.


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