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A talkspace draft is a draft article or article section which is a subpage of a talk page. It is designed for multiple users to collaborate on drafting. An alternative (especially if the draft is likely to be the work of one or primarily of one user) is a userspace draft.


  • Before creating a talkspace draft, discuss this with other users involved with the article. The aim is to collaborate, so you should make sure that collaboration is likely to happen. Otherwise, a userspace draft is preferable (you can permit other users to work on a draft in your userspace, and/or manually convert it to a talkspace draft later).

Create a talkspace draft - if you're logged in
Enter the name of the existing talk page, and the name of the subpage you wish to create for draft purposes.

Note: after creation, you'll see a template in your new draft page, with a link to create the draft's talk page. After you've created both pages, post a link in the existing discussion (generally the article's main talk page, i.e. Talk/Article).


  • Once it is agreed a talkspace draft is finished enough to be implemented in the article itself, copy and paste the text into the article, adding a permanent link to the most recent version of the draft page in the edit summary. (This attribution is important; if you make a mistake with it, you should correct it using a dummy edit.) The draft and draft talk page should be marked as archived (see {{talkspace draft}}).
  • Drafts that are rejected should generally still be kept, but if only one user has edited the draft, it will generally be preferable to move the draft to that user's userspace, without a redirect (update any links to the page manually).


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