Flute choir

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A flute choir is a chamber instrumental ensemble consisting mainly of range extensions of the flute family. The standard instrumentation being: 1 Piccolo in c’ 4 Flutes in c 1 Alto Flute in G 1 Bass Flute in C This deviates from the “Flute Quartet” by the addition of the “melody” flute such as Alto and Bass. An expanded choir will usually add some of the low melody flutes such as: The Contra-alto Flute in GG The Contrabass flute in CC And rarely the Octo/Double Contrabass Flute in CCC In addition, to the lower flutes, sometimes “harmony” flutes are added such as the: Eb flute in Eb Bb Flute in Bb Due to the limitation availability of the contrabass flute and lower flutes, many composers have adopted the use of the String Bass to cover these lines in lieu of an ensemble not having such players. The String Bass’s mellow tone and richness blends well with the higher flutes and adds a “cushion” of timbre that balances the shrillness the flute tend to project. Lastly, some composers add percussion parts to add rhythmic effect and color to some pieces such as a snare drum for marches or latin percussion to mimic Mexican or Spanish Music etc.

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