Faustus, Abibus and Dionysius of Alexandria

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Faustus, Abibus and Dionysius of Alexandria (died 250) were Christian martyrs put to death under Decius in 250.

Faustus was a priest, Abibus was a deacon, and Dionysius was a lector. They were executed with several others, who include:

  • Andronicus, a solder
  • Andropelagia,
  • Cyriacus, an acolyte
  • another Cyriacus,
  • Theocistus, a sea captain
  • Macarius,
  • Andreas,
  • Sarpambo,
  • Thecla, and
  • Caldote.

The Roman Martyrology lists onlyy one Faustus and Macarius with 10 companions. Their feast day is celebrated on September 6.


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