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A cover band (or covers band), is a band that plays mostly or exclusively cover songs. New or unknown bands often find the cover band format marketable for smaller gigs, and these bands may be known as a wedding band, party band and function band.[citation needed] A band whose covers consist mainly of songs that were chart hits is often called a top 40 band. Many bands, however, start as cover bands and then grow to perform original material. For example, the Rolling Stones released three albums consisting primarily of covers before recording one of original material.


Cover bands play songs written and recorded by other artists, usually well-known songs (as compared to "original" bands which play music they themselves have written). There are a wide variety of cover bands - some cover bands play material from particular decades, for example a 1980s cover band. Others focus exclusively on the music of a particular group, usually iconic groups, and are called tribute bands: it is not uncommon to find Led Zeppelin tribute bands, Pink Floyd tribute bands, Oasis tribute bands, Aerosmith tribute bands, or U2 tribute bands. Some cover bands will play a variety of song styles, of widely different artists, genres and decades. Another type of cover band is one that covers songs in a different genre or style than that of the original composition (e.g., jazz versions of what were originally hard rock songs).

Some cover bands perform covers that are of a different musical genre from the originals. For instance:

Examples of cover acts[edit]

Fictional cover acts[edit]

  • Rock Star starring Mark Wahlberg who had a small group that performs cover songs from a fictional band called Steel Dragon. He eventually became the lead singer of the said band when a recorded performance was seen by the band members.
  • The Wedding Singer features Adam Sandler as a cover singer who performs for wedding parties.
  • Detroit Rock City is the story of four teenagers in the '70s who are in a Kiss cover band called "Mystery".
  • Saving Silverman features three friends who are diehard Neil Diamond fans, and they form a cover band called "Diamonds in the Rough".
  • In an episode of The Simpsons, Otto Mann hires a cover band called "Cyanide", which he says is a tribute to Poison.
  • In the American Dad! episode "Finances with Wolves", Klaus the goldfish swaps brains with the lead singer of an Earth, Wind and Fire cover band, who was abducted by the CIA in retaliation for ripping them off at a summer mixer.

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